One SDSU: Claiming Your Moonlight

09:00 AM - 10:00 AM
Virtual via Zoom

Did you know that the term “moonlight” is a misnomer? The moon doesn’t radiate any light; instead, what we understand as “moonlight” is actually sunlight that is reflected from the parts of the moon where sunlight strikes. In that sense, the moon doesn’t own its light - it’s projected from the sun.

With this framework, we can consider looking into ourselves - what kind of moonlight are we borrowing from others? Are our desires to excel truly our own, or are they a product of the expectations of others? What’s the difference between ‘wanting’ to do something, and feeling like you ‘should’ be doing it? And why are these differences important?

This (AAPI)phany x One SDSU workshop aims to unravel the culturally significant connections between one’s self-worth, the idea of toxic productivity, and the Tyranny of the Should, and what to do to address these conflicting feelings, and perhaps find our own answers.

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